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Defending Against Pyrotechnic Fires

Image SourcePyrotechnic fires, such as you would find in theaters, have been recognized as some of the greatest potentials for tragedy. A good example is the infamous Iroquois Theater Fire in 1903,  in which 600 of the nearly 2000-person audience were killed. In most cases,the attempt to leave a densely-assembled hall through inadequate exits can be […]

UL 300 Fire Testing and Fire Suppression Requirements

We all know the UL 300 story. In 1994, The UL 300 standard for restaurant fire suppression systems was revised to address real-world fire risks in commercial kitchens.UL realized that changes in commercial kitchens had dramatically increased the risk and severity of kitchen fires. Thus existing testing protocol had to be revised to reflect changes […]

A Standpipe Hose Station Will Offer Your building Better Fire Protection

Commercial fires are unpredictable and often costly. When safety of a building is compromised, both property, and more importantly, lives, are at risk. As a building owner, you should protect your building and its occupants through a balanced fire protection plan. Such a plan will ensure that you don’t depend on a single source for […]

Use a fire extinguisher

How to Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher

Fire hazards are a common occurrence in the home or place of work. It’s therefore important to be prepared by having a portable fire extinguisher on hand in case a fire breaks out. As well, knowing the different classes of fire will help you to stock the right type of fire extinguisher for fighting different […]