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Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Published Friday, April 24th, 2015 | Author: interstate
Commercial Fire Sprinkler System

Beginning in 1852, fire sprinkler systems consisted of nothing more than a perforated pipe run throughout textile mills to provide fire protection. Today’s fire sprinkler systems have become more complex to include computerized automation that activate only the zones affected, which reduces water damage.

A properly installed and maintained commercial fire sprinkler system can save lives and lower insurance costs. At Interstate Fire & Safety our licensed and insured sprinkler installation and service technicians will ensure that your system functions properly. We also provide system maintenance and inspections to mitigate the possibility of a system failure. This pro-active approach assures that your system will have low long-term maintenance costs.

Our sprinkler division services also include customer training to ensure that the end user is knowledgeable in the proper maintenance and operation of their system.

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