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Fire Suppression System

Published Friday, April 24th, 2015 | Author: interstate
fire suppression system

Fire Extinguishing System For Restaurants

Restaurant cooking equipment emissions are generally contaminated with vaporized grease and other fuels that can ignite a potential fire. That is why a Fire Suppression System is a critical component to a restaurant exhaust system. At Interstate Fire & Safety, we conduct a complete survey of your site and design a system best suited for your fire protection needs. Our Fire Suppression Services always include “in house” system design by our certified professionals, a complete set of fire system drawings with a floor plan, fire system plan review with the authority having jurisdiction, and a fire system test upon completion.

Interstate Fire & Safety is an authorized installer for Pyro-Chem, Buckeye and Protex fire extinguishing systems.

Interstate Fire & Safety also conducts system inspection, maintenance, and service on all make and model fire systems.

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Fire Extinguishing System For Gas Stations

A gas station Fire Suppression System is an essential component for proper protection of life and property. A properly designed, installed, and maintained fire suppression system will ensure that your customers and employees will remain protected in the event of an accident. At Interstate Fire & Safety, our team has been trained by leading system manufacturers such as Pyro-Chem so you can rest assured that your gas station Fire Suppression System will function properly and save lives.

All of the Fire Suppression Systems are designed in-house by Interstate Fire and Safety and reviewed by the system manufacturer to ensure that each system will fit the unique hazard at a given location.

Interstate Fire & Safety currently offers the Pyro-Chem Attendant II Fueling Area Fire Suppression Systems.

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Industrial Fire Extinguishing Systems

Interstate Fire & Safety offers Pyro-Chem industrial fire suppression systems. These systems can protect a full area of industrial applications including open face spray booths to full size industrial enclosures. As with all of our fire suppression systems, our staff is fully trained and certified by the system manufactures to design, install, and service them.

Each system is custom designed by Interstate Fire & Safety to suit your unique needs. Our industrial systems installations all include a limited warranty and all permits and tests required by the local authority having jurisdiction.

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Fire Extinguishing Systems For Corporate Businesses

Are your assets protected from fire? Consider the following facts:

  • Average losses for downtime after a major fire range from $400,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00 per hour in lost revenue.
  • 43% of businesses that suffer a significant fire never re-open.
  • Of the rest, 29% fail after three years.
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